Tibetan Baby Books

We are Tibetanbaybooks.com , we providing the best tools for early developing Tibetan Children's Language Development. For Tibetan children who were born and raised in worlds where Tibetan language use is at a minimum, it is a serious challenge to improve their fluency in oral and written Tibetan. It has now reached the point where spoken Tibetan is even a serious issue in private Tibetan homes. For children, the stage between ages 0-3 is formative for acquiring a language by interacting with and learning from the environment. Although, we shall not rush children through the process of linguistic acquisition, it is advisable for and worth appropriate intervention to direct them. If nothing is done to direct them to learn Tibetan, the result is that they will speak non-Tibetan languages as their first languages and it will be much harder in the future for them to develop their heritage languages. Adult Tibetans' lack of initiative is precisely the reason why many Tibetan children end up not speaking Tibetan fluently. In order to improve their fluency in Tibetan while keeping them interested, our efforts envisage designing a series of children’s picture books to be a very effective solution. This series of children’s books suits the level of children up to age three. And it is hoped that the series would be a good place to start and improve children's Tibetan fluency in private Tibetan homes.

Tashi delek!

Dhundup Tsering